Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring fever takes over

I've been a bad, bad blogger. I was all excited about the food experiment. After the first week, I had only spent about $50 on groceries and we were eating great meals, super cheap.

Then, it was a sunny and Spring-like day and I wanted nothing more than a barbequed cheeseburger and tater tots. Yup, you heard me.  I completely failed the food experiment.   Of course, then people started telling me that they were enjoying the posts and felt inspired....I promise, when the Spring rapture ends, I will do more dinners under $10.

In the meantime, we have a new family member!

This is Sienna.  She is a purebred mutt. Her mom is a Border Collie/Lab and her dad is a Chow mix (she gets her gorgeous color and wooly coat from him).  Emma Bean is happy to have a new friend.   They sun together... They snooze together

They (reluctantly) share their toys

Little Sienna is a farm dog, to be sure. She is right at home in the greenhouse among my packets of Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

The cats are unsure (isn't this like the cat version of Charlie's Angels??)But, in spite of the poo poo/pee-pee accidents and the whining, sleep deprived nights John and I are sure...

Sienna is home!  Many thanks to her "bio" mom and dad, Sean and Erin!  Nighty-night


  1. But the burgers are the point of the experiment! If you are deciding if you want to be a full time farmer (I know I do but I sure as heck can't stand to lose my pay check, even though government work isn't that lucrative anymore) and you can't live without burgers, you should know that ahead of time and budget accordingly.

    All that aside, I have puppy envy times two. Viva la mutt!

  2. it's true, budgeting is key. I am guilty of associating budget with deprivation, which, I think, makes me want things that are out of my budget. And I am a bit impulsive, so it's hard to plan and stick with it, when there are so many shiny things to distract me! It's a mindset I must work on. I can't lose my income, either, at this time. But I believe... :-)

  3. Sienna is way too cute! And I am sure glad to see that Emma Bean has a little sister. Very cute :)
    -Hannah Nicole (Emma Beans old foster mom)

  4. Hannah, Isn't she?! They are best of friends and actually starting to calm down a bit. (whew) Emma Bean is a true treasure and I'm SO happy we found her! Thanks for all you do!