About Peaceful Valley Farm

For years I've dreamed of having a farm and living like Laura on Little House on The Prairie, only, with cars, tv and stuff.   No need to suffer in this day and age!

Homesteading is the proper term for it.

In February 2010 my partner, John, and I were lucky enough to find a totally dilapidated property with a completely remodeled farmhouse!  It sits in a truly peaceful valley with a handful of great neighbors. We can hear the waves crashing on the other side of the ridge, which separates us from Manresa Beach.  My dream come true!

We immediately started planting food and landscape plants, got chickens and built fences.  One of the neighbors told us that this house used to look like it was dead, with a black cloud hanging over it, but that now it is shining and full of life.  It was the best compliment I've ever received!

Now I'm addicted!  To finding more sustainable ways to live. To knowing like minded people in my community.  To reading everything I can about food, farming and living a simple, good life.  To teaching my kids that this is the good life and we are lucky to be living it!

These are my adventures....


  1. Wow, your story is really cool! I would love to live on a property large enough to homestead the way you do! I'm starting to do the suburban homestead thing (our lot is 6000 sq.ft., but mostly paved & includes pool, so garden is limited to containers, and I have yet to figure out a way to include chickens).
    -Viva (www.dailycitron.com)

  2. Hi V,
    Thank you! I have a book called "Backyard Homestead". The amount of food some people are producing in their little backyard lots puts me to shame! Check out Pluck & Feather, Dog Island, and gardenpool.org for inspiration. And come by for a visit! ps-love your blog!