Saturday, March 19, 2011

cold and rainy with a side of war...

What a dreary and depressing day! I have spent the majority of it transferring my old blog content to my new blog site. So not my thing! I felt so frustrated that I took a little break to read the news and check into Facebook, where I saw that my beloved President Obama has just ordered air strikes on Libya.  I really don't think that is the best use of our money right now. I'm no politician, but, um, Japan, public schools... anybody, anybody????

Add to this the crappy weather and the chick I hatched this morning with its internal organs on the outside (homesteading isn't always pretty) anxiety level has been at Orange alert all week and none of this helps.

But this did, one of the websites (or is it a blog) that I follow, The Organic Sister, posted an amazingly insightful entry called "11 signs that your life is demanding personal growth...". I think she hit 10 for me!  I am in transition with my business, but we are also in seasonal, lunar and environmental transition.  Maybe I'm not crazy. Or menopausal. Maybe I am sensitive to the world around me. Hmmm?? 

Stay dry and listen to your heart! That's my motto for tomorrow..for tonight, cheese, bread wine and fire. :-)

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